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Name by nakshatram

Tamil astrology recommends to use the naming system called - name by nakshatram. It says that a name should begin with certain syllables - Aksharas that relates to a particular Nakshatram -star and its Patham in baby's horoscope. Each Nakshatra and its Padam has its own special sound in tune with the tendencies and inner nature of a child.

e.g. A baby who was born under second Padam of Anusha Nakshatram should have a name begin with Aksharas (syllable) - Ni

name based on nakshatra and patham

An association of birth star - Janma nakshatram with the phonetic form, represented by the Aksharam has been in the pratcice from the very ancient times. This is known as Namakaranam.

Enter the birth details of your baby and findout the Nama nakshatra and its corresponding Aksharas, online.


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